January 18, 2019

Friday’s are my short days for school. I have 3 classes and 1 lesson. I grabbed lunch with friends and then coffee with JP. As Java closed we headed to Lightsey to sing some worship music. We made 2 1/2 hours feel like 15 minutes. We let the Lord lead us, rather than leading ourselves. We talked about how visions and where we think the Lord is taking us. We talked about our dreams for the church. Not just the physical church but the people of God that create one cohesive church. We talked about our passion for worship, and we sang at the top of our lungs. We shared part of our testimonies and we shared our passion for changing the social norms of Christianity. Today I am thankful for JP and our day full of worshiping together.

January 17, 2019

Thursday’s are emotionally draining for me. I start my day with two of the hardest things I’ve ever had to master: music theory and math. Following that I get a tiny break before choir. Choir isn’t as much emotionally draining as it is physically. Right after choir we have performance class and then the travel band has rehearsal. After that I meet with my sweet, sweet mentor, get ready for Elevate, and head on into the chapel.

Tonight Elevate was entirely worship music. Worship nights never fail to make me cry, but tonight was different. I wasn’t crying for me, I was crying for the congregation. Nothing brings me more joy than worshiping among the masses. Every heart in that room pushed aside their trials and tribulations to lay their lives at the Lord’s feet.

Worship music is great when sang into a microphone by one or two mesmerizing voices, but the moment the mic goes quiet and it’s just the congregation gets me every time. Hearing people from all different walks of life, musicians and non-musicians, worshiping the Lord is just so pure.

All of this being said, today was an especially tiring day. I woke up exhausted and progressively got sleepier throughout the day. I hadn’t read my Bible today until after Elevate. I felt drawn to the book mark that had been in the same spot in my Bible since the day I got it. I had never turned and looked at it, until tonight.

At first I read the right hand page, it was the start to 2 Chronicles. Although it was a nice way to begin it didn’t hit me the way I knew something was supposed to. So, I took a glimpse at the left hand page and was immediately drawn to one line.

“You want us, our truest selves”

The Lord wants us in our most genuine form. He wants to love us when we are broken and hurting. He wants to love us when we are joyous and full of laughter. He wants to love US. He doesn’t care if we fall. He doesn’t care if we fail. He doesn’t care if we made a mistake.

All day the same general idea has been expressed to me. Two different songs at Elevate really spoke to me. The first being “You Know Me” by Steffany Gretzinger, and it goes like this:

“You know when I rise, and when I fall; when I come or go, you see it all. You hung the stars and you moved the sea, but still you know me”

The Lord knows us in our struggles and our sorrows, He wants us to let Him in.

The second song was “Clean” by Natalie Grant. This song goes:

“There’s nothing too dirty, that you can’t make worthy. You wash me in mercy, I am clean.”

The Lord will never turn you away because you have fallen short. He will never turn you away because you have scars and weaknesses. He loves us and values us deeply.

Today I am grateful that my Lord loves me and wants to know me. The true me.

January 16, 2019

Today chapel was led by the Korean Children’s Choir. Wow. Not only were they cute but they were such a strong reminder of how good the Lord is. Watching children worship is so inspiring. Imagine if every time you sang your favorite worship song you were brought joy the way a child is brought joy when given something good. These kids clearly loved Jesus.

It was so amazing watching Korean native children speak such strong fluent English. They amaze me. Wow. I am grateful for the Korean Children’s Choir.

January 14, 2019

I forgot to take a picture of Keara today so the photo is of our shoes. We convinced Madeline to buy a pair of Vans and join our little clan.

Keara is such a supportive and fun-loving friend. She never fails to make me laugh. On the hardest days she gives the brightest smiles and she always tries her hardest to be optimistic. Although Keara is kind, she’d gladly kick some booty if anyone needed her to.

Today I’m grateful for Keara and her never-ending support.

January 13, 2019

If you were to look up the definition of spontaneity in the dictionary it’d be Austin. Today was a day full of spontaneity. Nothing we did today was planned, and it was the most fun day.

I got to do my favorite thing with my favorite person, and then I fell in love with the sweetest little puppy. Unplanned days can lead to the most fun days. I am grateful for spontaneity and how much fun it can lead to.

January 12, 2019

Today started with a coffee date with Reagan. Reagan is a music and worship leadership major like I am, and we’re both on the elevate team(s). I am beyond joyful that I get the opportunity to grow close to her socially and spiritually upon the coming years.

Reagan and I think very similarly. We have a lot of opinions that align, and our lives aren’t really all that different. We long for the same things at the end of the day and most importantly we worship the same, never-failing God. I am so grateful for Reagan and the opportunities I have to serve the Lord beside her.

I am so excited for the next few years in school with her, and hopefully a friendship that’ll last a life time. Reagan has such a heart for the Lord and I have a feeling she is going to be a great world changer.