January 5, 2019

Today was a long day, and by today I mean yesterday but I stayed out too late and am just now returning to my dorm.

Today started with waking up somewhere in Virginia. We were all running on only a few hours asleep that took place in our really uncomfortable rental Jeep. You see, we had started the drive around 6:30 the previous night and we had continued driving until around 3am or so. We sat through about 30-45 minutes of standstill traffic in the middle of a West Virginian highway.

Today I am grateful for my mom and my grandpa. They conquered, and will again conquer tomorrow, a 15 or so hour drive for the sake of getting me to school. They sat through my playlist(s) the ENTIRE ride and didn’t get too frustrated when I’d start to get tired or hangry. They are awesome.


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